Two of Film i Väst’s co-production have been selected to Venice Film Festival. It’s Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Andrei Tarkovsky, A Cinema Prayer in Venice Classics Documentary Films and Dag Johan Haugerud’s Beware of Children in Venice Days section.

Beware of Children

When crisis strikes we reveal our true colors. Dag Johan Haugerud’s Beware of Children traces the dramatic aftermath of a tragic event in a middle class suburb of Oslo. During a break in school 13 year-old Lykke, the daughter of a prominent Labour Party member, seriously injures her classmate Jamie, the son of a high profile right-wing politician. When Jamie later dies in hospital, contradicting versions of what actually happened risks making a difficult and traumatic situation worse. Was it only innocent play behind? Liv, the school’s principal and the secret lover of Jamie’s father, must find the strength to confront a community in distress, and her own highly conflicted emotions.

Production: Motlys A/S, Plattform Produktion, Film i Väst

Starring: Henriette Steenstrup , Jan Gunnar Røise, Thorbjørn Harr, Andrea Bræin Hovig, Hans Olav Brenner, Anne Marit Jacobsen, Ella Øverbye, Trine Wiggen


Andrei Tarkovsky, A Cinema Prayer

A film about Tarkovskiy as a person, not as much as director. Film focused on his vision of this world, people around him, his relationships with relatives, movie industry, religion.. The narration will be structured in chronological order: part 1) Childhood and youth: memories of childhood, parents, the influence of his father’s, Arseny Tarkovsky’s, poetic works; part 2) Work in cinema: aims and objectives, analysis of his own works, favorite directors; part 3) Leaving Russia: encounter with the Western culture, work in Italy, a conflict with Soviet authorities; part 4) Last interview «The artist as a prophet»: reflections about faith and the meaning of life. We’ll offer video commentaries to the filmmaker’s narrative – the unique sequences shot by him with a 8-mm camera in Italy and Russia, the montage cuts from the documentary “Time of Travel”, excerpts from films, photographs and Polaroids made by Tarkovsky, location shots from the places where he lived and made his films in Russia: Moscow, Zvenigorod, Vladimir, Tuchkovo, Myasnoye (Ryazan Region), where his rural house is, Italy: in Rome, Florence, Bagno Vignoni and San Gregorio, the last abodes of Andrei Tarkovsky: in Sweden where “The Sacrifice” was shot.

Producers: Peter Krupenin, Dimitri Klepatski, Paolo Maria Spina