Your Scandinavian Partner in Co-Productions

Film i Väst is one of Europe’s most successful co-producers and Scandinavia’s preeminent film fund. Since 1992 we have co-produced more than 1 000 feature films, TV-dramas, shorts & documentaries. Over the years, Film i Väst co-productions have also been richly rewarded with nominations and prizes at the world’s most prestigious events, including festivals such as Cannes and Berlin, and galas such as the European Film Awards, the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

Film i Väst is a regional film fund located in West Sweden, wholly owned by Västra Götalandsregionen (The County of West Sweden), with the goal to establish West Sweden as the foremost film production region in northern Europe. The headquarters are located in Trollhättan, 70km from West Sweden’s largest city, Gothenburg.

During the past 25 years, West Sweden has established a high international standard in terms of the crew, facilities and services available for film production in the region. All elements necessary for film and TV production can be found in West Sweden, from equipment rental, a final mix studio and award winning sound and VFX companies, to more than 450 qualified film crew workers. In addition to West Sweden’s diverse locations, there is also Studio Fares in Trollhättan, the largest purpose-built soundstage in Scandinavia.

Film i Väst is a member of Cine-Regio, a network of regional film funds in Europe. More information here.


Film i Väst
Box 134
Åkerssjövägen 6, S-461 53 Trollhättan, Sweden
T: +46 (0)522 59 09 00

Mikael Fellenius
Mikael FelleniusCEO
M +46(0)702 93 88 00
Peter Possne
Peter PossneHead of Production
M +46(0)705 33 33 63
Tomas Eskilsson
Tomas EskilssonHead of Strategy
M +46(0)708 89 09 11
Anthony Muir
Anthony MuirSenior Executive Co-Productions
M +46(0)722 34 34 56
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Katarina Krave
Katarina KraveCFO
M +46(0)708 71 17 91
Ulrika Grönérus
Ulrika GrönérusCommunications Manager
M +46(0)708-64 37 36
Susanne Lundberg
Susanne LundbergProduction Advisory
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Caroline Ljungberg
Caroline LjungbergSenior Executive Co-Productions
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