Film i Väst has three co-productions screening at the 2018 Berlin Film Festival:

Berlinale Special Gala: Becoming Astrid
Director: Pernille Fischer Christensen

When Astrid Lindgren was still quite young, an event occurred which affected her on a fundamental level, granting her an in-depth insight into children’s souls. This very incident convinced her to break with the norms, the religious and societal expectations of the day, and transformed her into a storyteller, one of the most innovative women of our time.

In her film about the youth of the writer Astrid Lindgren (1907–2002), Pernille Fischer Christensen portrays a strong, independent young woman who breaks social norms and faces difficult decisions with courage. Alba August plays Astrid as both wild and thoughtful, a responsible young woman battling her own feelings of guilt.

Feb 18 18:30 CMX 5+9 (Press screening)
Feb 21 21:00 Friedrichstadt-Palast
Feb 22 12:30 Zoo Palast 1
Feb 22 15:30 Neues Off
Feb 22 18:30 Friedrichstadt-Palast
Feb 25 10:00 Berlinale Palast

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Generation Kplus: Gordon & Paddy
Director: Linda Hambäck

A film set in the big forest about Paddy, a young mouse, who to start with doesn’t even have a name. But she shows her talent and takes over as chief of police when inspector Gordon retires. To begin with she can imitate Gordon’s methods, but when two children go missing and the main suspect is the dreaded fox, she has to go beyond herself. But is the fox really as dangerous as rumour suggests? Can the children be saved, and by whom?

Based on the book series by Ulf Nilsson and Gitte Spee, with a sly nod to the Scandinavian detective fiction genre and featuring the voice of Stellan Skarsgård, this film explores what it means to grow into roles, challenge prejudices and uncover truths.

Feb 17 12:30 Zoo Palast 1
Feb 19 09:30 Filmtheater am Friedrichshain
Feb 21 11:00 CinemaxX 3
Feb 25 10:00 HKW

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Panorama: Lemonade
Director: Ioana Uricaru

Mara, a 30-year old Romanian woman has recently moved to the US with Dragoş, her 9 year old son, after marrying Daniel, an American construction worker whom she has only met a few months ago. The film follows her through a series of revealing encounters during one day.

Based on real events, Ioana Uricaru’s first feature film addresses themes such as mental attitude, corruption and patriotism.

Feb 19 22:30 CinemaxX 7
Feb 20 17:45 CineStar 3
Feb 21 22:30 Cubix 7
Feb 23 17:45 CineStar 3
Feb 24 22:30 Cubix 7

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Film i Väst attending Berlin Film Festival
The following representatives of Film i Väst will be attending the 2018 Berlinale:

Mikael Fellenius, CEO, +46-702 93 88 00

Peter Possne, Head of Production, +46-705 33 33 63

Anthony Muir, Senior Executive Co-Productions, +46-722 34 34 56

Tomas Eskilsson, Head of Strategy, +46-708 89 09 11

Ulrika Grönérus, PR- and Communications Manager, +46-708 64 37 36