The case of Thomas Quick is Sweden’s biggest legal scandal ever. The upcoming feature Quick is being directed by Mikael Håfström, who is now returning to Sweden to make his first Swedish film since Oscar nominated “Evil”. Quick stars David Dencik, Alba August and Jonas Karlsson and is produced by Helena Danielsson, Brain Academy and co-produced by Film i Väst. It will partially be shot in Region Västra Götaland, Sweden.

Quick is inspired by Swedish journalist Hannes Råstam’s book “Thomas Quick: The Making of a Serial Killer” and the script is written by Norwegian author Erlend Loe. In the role as Thomas Quick we see David Dencik, and as the journalist Hannes Råstam we see Jonas Karlsson. Alba August plays researcher Jenny Küttim.

Quick is the captivating true story behind Sweden’s biggest legal scandal ever, the story of the reporter Hannes Råstam, who alone questioned a whole legal system, a touching journalistic thriller about a man who sacrificed his own life in the search for truth. Hannes Råstam was dedicated to proving Quick’s innocence and revealing the legal argument that gave Quick a life sentence in a legal psychiatric prison.

But no one was interested in liberating and acquitting Sweden’s worst serial killer, a cannibalistic rapist who had been sentenced for eight murders and acknowledged another twenty-five. The story is a puzzle for the viewer to follow as it piece by piece reveals the incredible story behind the Thomas Quick case. Through secret sources, lots of facts and one person’s persistent sense of justice, the audience is captivated until the overwhelming end.

David Dencik is an internationally acclaimed actor, seen in the “Top of the Lake”, “Gentlemen” and “Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy”. Joining Dencik is acclaimed Swedish actor Jonas Karlsson recently played in “Ted – come give me love” and “All Inclusive”, and earlier in “Stockholm Stories” based on his own book. Alba August was recently named Shooting Star at the Berlin Film Festival and can be seen in the popular Danish Netflix TV series “The Rain”. Alba is also in the leading role of the movie “Young Astrid”, which premiered at the Berlinale 2018.

The film is produced by Helena Danielsson, Brain Academy in co-production with Film i Väst, Umedia, Belgium and Nordisk Film. International rights are sold by Trust Nordisk. Shooting of the film starts this fall and it is expected to have a Swedish cinema premiere in the fall 2019, distributed by Nordisk Film.