Hermione Corfield plays the lead role in Neasa Hardimans upcoming thriller Sea Fever, partly shot in Västra Götaland during 2018. The film is produced by Fantastic Films in co-production with Film i Väst and Bright pictures. 

Hermione Corfield has played in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Mission Impossible – Rougue Nation And Young Inspector Morse. This summer she plays in the BAFTA winner Neasa Hardimans thriller Sea Fever. Neasa Hardiman has directed TV-Series like Happy Valley and Jessica Jones.

Sea Fever starts shooting in August 2018 and is an ambitious and exciting thriller set on a fishing trawler outside the West coast of Ireland. Siobhán (Corfield), a marine biology student, fights for her own and the crew’s survival when the ship is infected by a unknown and lethal parasite.

SYNOPSIS Siobhán, 20s, a marine biologist student, joins the crew of a trawler in order to complete her studies. As an academic Siobhan is out of place and clumsy in this environment. A few hours off shore the trawler ploughs into something uncharted. Oozing spines drive their way through the ship’s hull and damage the engine. Engineer Omid investigates and finds a huge organism attached to the base of the boat. But they can’t get it loose without destroying the hull. Panic rises now: they’re adrift with no radio, helpless, hopelessly entangled. As tempers fray, Siobhán tries to analyze the life form. But she’s too slow – first fisherman Johnny suffers a gruesome death. Only then does Siobhán realize what the creature wants: she’s got to find a solution fast if the crew are to survive. But Siobhán’s no charismatic leader. Hope fades, the crew turn their rage on her: she’s the redhead who got them into this mess.

Producers are Brendan McCarthy, John McDonnell, Fantastic films, Frakas Productions, Belgium, and Bright Pictures (Börje Hansson, Carola Hansson), Sweden, co-produce with Film i Väst. With the support of Table ScannáN na hÉireann/The Irish Film Board, the BAI and wall image, and with the support of Creative Europe Programme & the Irish Film BoardFrontieres. Winner of Best First Screenplay, London Film Awards. International Sales: Epic Pictures.